Today we are releasing a groundbreaking feature that will give managers the ability to see, in real time, how many staff are on the ground and how much wages are costing. The Live Wage Tracker™ is going to make managing your day of operations much easier.

We know that in 2018 everything happens right now. So checking how much you spent on wages after the fact (end of day, week, or month) is just too late for you. We’ve built the Live Wage Tracker ™ to enable you to proactively make decisions that will affect your bottom line.

Real time certainty for accurate staffing

Having optimal staffing levels is good for everyone; customers get the right level of service, employees aren’t overworked or bored, and the business spends the right amount of money on wages.

Live Wage Tracker helps you:

  • Gain oversight of your day of operations
  • See accurate staff counts and wages at any given moment
  • Understand how much you’ve spent on wages so far that day
  • Ensure optimal staffing levels
  • See where you’re overspending on wages
  • Investigate any variances to your roster

Live staff count


Live wages


What’s next?

We’re proud to say the live wage tracking feature is a big deal. Our next challenge is even bigger - we’re working on bringing you a live view of your sales and demand so you can get a complete picture of your day.


Instead of checking on those KPIs at the end of the day and trying to improve the future, you’ll be able to track them on the day and improve the now.

With live sales, live demand, and live KPIs managing your day of operations has never been so easy.