Founding Tanda CTO, Alex Ghiculescu, addressed a 200+ strong audience at the inaugural Tanda Beyond Conference on the Gold Coast last week.


Alex concluded his talk with some of the feature releases the product team are working on right now.

Tanda’s roadmap is prioritised around 3 key themes:

  • Improving efficiency by making it easy to make data-driven decisions.
  • Improving trust between employees and employers by ensuring everyone is paid fairly and accurately.
  • Improving connectedness by keeping everyone engaged and on the same page.

Shift Swapping

The reality of running a business is that that creating the perfect roster—one that requires no changes—rarely occurs. Staff get sick, things change and ultimately this results in staff needing to drop or swap shifts they were originally rostered to work.

Keeping track of the ongoing changes and finding replacements last minute is something that every manager we speak to struggles with. That’s why we are currently building shift swapping, a feature that will take care of all the manual work dealing with shift swapping while still giving you the oversight and control you need to make sure your business is accurately staffed.

We think of it as “win-win shift swapping” good for managers, good for employees.

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Live Insights

Knowing at the end of each day if you hit your wage % of revenue KPI is good. But what if you could track your progress throughout the day using live data? This would mean you could see in real-time how your sales and wage costs are tracking. Are your sales matching what you expected and rostered for? Or is it higher or lower than what you expected? In this case, you may want to adjust your staffing levels on the fly so they match your sales demand.

Our goal is to help every manager steer every shift to success using live insights.

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Transparent Time-off Management

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is having staff who are happy, productive and love where they work. One way to foster this type of culture is by allowing staff to have the time off that they need. But how can a business do this while still making sure they have enough staff to put on their roster?

Introducing Tanda Time Off.

We believe the best way to manage both the needs of your staff and your business is to simply be transparent with staff and tell them when the “good” or “bad” times to take time off actually are.

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Multi-breaks & Paid Breaks

The ability for staff to clock each break they take throughout their shift - even those that are paid is crucial both from a compliance and time theft perspective. You need to know how many breaks staff are taking, how long they were and ultimately how much the staff member should be paid.

We are working on supporting multi-clocked breaks and paid breaks in Tanda. This means you can roster staff for shifts and have their break times calculated automatically (this is already live), allow staff to clock each break throughout their shift on the time clock and lastly have this information neatly presented on their timesheet ready for you to approve.

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Shift Feedback - from the frontline

“If staff have an issue they can visit me in my office” (…a statement that doesn’t always work).

We know that extracting objective, value adding feedback in the workplace is not always easy. Staff won’t always feel as though they can criticise their boss or offer suggested improvements - but the reality is front-line staff are the ones closest to your customers and should have good ideas on what could be improved. We’re currently testing ways of collecting objective, valuable shift feedback from staff that you can use to make improvements in your business. If you would like to start using this feature now please get in contact with us.

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Instant Communication

Communicating with your staff is a foundational need of any manager so we often get feature requests like “Can you make a Tanda chatroom?”. When we ask businesses how they communicate with their staff now the feedback was consistently that they reverted back to Facebook as their main method of communication.

The reason: an instant message is only valuable if it gets seen. This is why we built a Facebook-integrated chat bot. The value is two-fold: We’re going where the employees already are: 17 million Australians are already on Facebook. We designed the chat bot to answer questions that would traditionally cause admin work for a manager. For example, “What’s my leave balance? Can I have next Tuesday off? What’s my roster?”

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We will be sharing more information about these upcoming features with you as the year progresses. If you would like to know more, please reach out to us.