At Tanda we love student clubs. Tanda was born out of a student club at QUT where our four founders met. As we’ve grown the business, we’ve always tried to support clubs as much as we can, through running our own events, sponsoring theirs, or just putting up bar tabs for no reason.

The thing that’s both exciting and challenging about working with student clubs is that in some ways you start fresh every year. Clubs are always trying to grow and improve constantly (just like we are), but their leadership changes every 12 months.

To make things a bit simpler for everyone involved, I thought I’d write down what we offer to all student clubs. You don’t need to do anything to be eligible for this offer, other than to be a student club at a university, and to take us up on it.

Hackathons: $10/ticket

Whenever we run a hackathon, one of the questions we ask when buying a ticket is “which student club do you come from?”. For every ticket sold where this question is answered, we’ll give $10 to the relevant club.

Get in touch with us ahead of time so that we can ensure that your club’s name is on the list. You will need to send us an invoice for $10 x number of tickets after the event — we’ll tell you the exact amount after the event.

Hires: $500-$1000/hire

If a student club directly introduces us to a member of theirs who we end up hiring, we’ll give the club $1000 for a full time hire, or $500 for a part time hire.

Note: having your member attend one of our events doesn’t count for this. It needs to be a direct introduction — send us an email, cc the member, tell us a little bit about them, and we’ll take it from there. If you aren’t sure who to email, you can start with, or come to one of our events and meet our team!

The club will need to invoice us once we’ve made the hire and the member has started working at Tanda.

Btw, this is the same offer that we make internally to everyone at Tanda.


We are putting both of these offers online so there is no confusion about them, and in the hope that more clubs take us up on them. If there’s something else you think we can do to support clubs, please tell us about it!