Welcome to the Tanda release notes for August. Here’s what we released this month:

Live Wage Tracker™ - track your wages in real-time

You may have noticed the new Live Wage Tracker™ widget appear on your dashboard this month. The Live Wage Tracker™ is a groundbreaking feature that shows you award interpreted wage costs in real-time along with staff counts so you can get an accurate picture of exactly what’s happening in your business.


The Live Wage Tracker™ will help you ensure you have optimal staffing numbers at all times throughout your day of operations. Login to your Tanda dashboard right now and see it in action.

View the Live Wage Tracker on your dashboard

View the date leave requests were submitted

When there are multiple staff wanting the same day off, its important to be able to see the date they requested their leave to make a fair decision around which request should be approved. That’s why we have now added the leave requested date to the top of each request in Tanda.


Remove old time clocks from your account

If you have time clocks set up in your Tanda account that are no longer being used, you can now remove them so that they don’t show up in your time clock filter lists. We realise having old time clocks visible can make your account feel messy and make it harder to choose the correct time clock. The great news is you can now remove these old time clocks.


To deactivate time clocks simply navigate to the time clocks page from your settings cog.


On this page you will see all the time clocks in your account, simply click the deactivate button to move them to the deactivated time clocks section. Make sure that the time clock is no longer in use before you do this.


Sync staff milestones to your calendar

Last month we released the ability to subscribe to team leave calendars, this month we’ve added that same team filtering functionality to your staff birthday and work anniversary calendars too.


Subscribing to these calendars in your personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook) means you can easily keep track of important staff milestones in the calendar you already use rather than having to check Facebook or keep track of it elsewhere.

To do this simply navigate to the birthday calendar page located in workforce > staff > tools

New Integrations

We’ve also updated a number of our POS integrations so that sales data is synced with Tanda every 15 minutes (rather than every 6 hours). This means your dashboard will update much more regularly than before. This impacts the following integrations: