Welcome to the June release notes for Tanda. Each month we will be posting a list of the most important new things we have released in the product, to kick things off here’s what we’ve been working on in June:

Improved schedules in the app

Keep track of exactly when you’re working and your total scheduled hours for each week

Your shifts are now organised into weeks - simply swipe left or right to see past or future weeks. You can also check the navigation bar to see which days you are working, and which teams you’re working in at a glance.


Don’t have the app yet? Download it here and Get your staff using the app

Add times to leave requests

When staff are taking just a few hours time off on a day you can now see exactly when these hours are and schedule them outside of those times.

This is great for those times where staff are only requesting just a few hours off in a day, now they can let you know exactly when those hours are in the day i.e. 2 hours from 10am-12pm.


These times will be visible on the roster, if you do create a shift that overlaps with approved leave times you will get a warning.


How to add times to leave

Improved schedule templates

More intuitive editing and creating of schedule templates

We received feedback from customers that the edit schedule screen didn’t look very different from the normal schedule screen, so we’ve updated the banner to make it easier to distinguish.


Tip Jars

Automate your daily tip splitting to have tips distributed fairly to staff, and recorded on their timesheets

Attention US customers: You can now record and allocate your tips amongst staff through Tanda. Simply enter the tip amounts for each team, for each day and have them split fairly amongst everyone who worked in that team on that day-calculated based on the hours they worked.


This feature is still in beta, if you would like to start using it now please email jess@tanda.co

Learn more about tip jars here.

Coming soon

Here are a few of the things we are working on right now.