When we started Tanda in 2012, we didn’t know very much about running a business. It’s fair to say the only qualification we had was enthusiasm and a good idea.

To paint a picture, 4 blokes with bad haircuts standing around in a student bar:

❌ No uni degrees

❌ Had never built commercial software before

❌ Didn’t know much about employing people, or marketing, or making sales

❌ No savings

Looking back, I think we only had two things going for us:

✅ We were confident we could design & build the best product for our (future) customers

✅ We were keen to learn

In the last 6 years, we have learned a lot about how to grow a business. We didn’t do this by trying to apply theories from the classroom - instead we tried to find the best and simplest way to do things, and iterated a lot.

We’re contrarians in a world where the tech space is full of “free money” and we decided in the beginning that human capital is more powerful than venture capital.

Fast forward 6 years and many offers of funding later, we’ve built a business of 95 staff without raising capital.

We think the magic sauce of this success is in the people we hire and our obsession with unlocking human potential.

We call it Workforce Success.

We didn’t invent it, in fact you could say we stumbled upon it, but it is the key thing that has led to our success. Workforce Success is the philosophy of giving more power and responsibility to those who do - the doers of the world.

On June 14 & 15 we’ll be running the world’s first Workforce Success Conference, and I invite you to come along and see some of the techniques we’ve used to build our business. Hopefully, they will help you build yours.

Why another conference?

Tanda employees have cumulatively attended over 100 industry conferences - and there’s one frustrating thing in common with all.

One of the pillars of Workforce Success is giving as much responsibility and resource as possible to people who are closest to the action, rather than centralising authority among bureaucratic roles.

It’s the belief that the corporate pyramid should be flipped whereby those at the top only exist to empower those at the base.

Other conferences encourage you to think about your workforce as an expense or commodity (seriously, some of our competitors describe your staff as a commodity on their websites) - an area you should try and cut expenses.

Our goal is to teach your managers how to think about their workforce differently, so that rather than focussing on ways to purely cut costs, they are looking to create growth.

Here are some of the presentations your team will see at Beyond 2018:

  • Measuring outcomes over effort, and celebrating those who get things done
  • Gen Z in the workplace and how to turn pesky annoying young people into really successful & productive young people
  • How smaller teams lead to more successful teams
  • How to use Zapier to automate boring admin throughout your business
  • Radical Candor - techniques for developing as a leader through caring personally & challenging directly
  • How to build your own self-driving car (I can guarantee there’s a session with this name, but I can’t guarantee we’ll have all the answers)

For more information and to buy tickets for your team, visit https://www.workforcesuccess.com/. If you have any questions about the conference, you can email me personally at alex@tanda.co. I hope to see you there!